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In the fall of 2019, Jeremiah O’Bryant, the founder of “What’s The Move”, discovered that the college experience needed a new and accessible way to be informed about events. O’Bryant noticed the difficulties that event promoters faced to reach diverse demographics in the process of advertising their events. There was not a set lobby where weekend events could be accessed except through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Taking into account his own experience, O’Bryant was able to identify the demand for an innovative outlet that could streamline events that would ultimately enhance the college experience without limitation. Through this, “What’s The Move” was created to be a new resource platform that could be utilized at any time by any demographic. This platform was designed to be inclusive.  If you are a promoter who would like to streamline an event or a student looking for something to do, you can follow and access the current information about the event of your preference. Access your event now!
Jeremiah O'Bryant, Founder
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